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DEFINE YOURSELF.   Harvey Fierstein

Thursday, March 13, 2014




Hayden Talbot,
Director Transportation Operations
$111,781.00 which includes the 4% secret merit raise.

Lucy Shipley
Director Compensation Benefits and HRIS
$122,283.00 which includes the 14% secret merit raise.

Jana Toran
General Council
$175,000.00 which includes the 8.35% secret merit raise. 

Lilia Montoya
Assistant Station Manager, Center Street

                                        Employed for at least 7 months - salary unknown
Typical salaries for same position:
Leonard Lambert, $68,484.34 - 2012 W-2
Liza Mitzel $67,498.99 - 2012 W-2

Olivia N. Clark
Executive Director Public Affairs (PR)
$154,132.62  -  2012 W-2
According to Joseph Rose,  she's leaving for a "PERSONAL ENHANCEMENT SABBATICAL" by means of her $10,000.00 per month Pension,
courtesy of us - the Tax payers.
Previous employment - Governor John Kitzhauber. 


I see this 'move' as significantly DAMAGING for Trimet's Public Relations efforts in general but even MORE SO for those Executives remaining within the private structure of the hierarchy BECAUSE she's using SPIRITUALITY as her guiding force AND she's being public about it.  Sounds like she's searching for personal growth and healing.  Perhaps she's had a look in the mirror and didn't like what she saw. Clark's leaving is more significant then the others because the 'reason' she gives speaks MUCH LOUDER about Trimet and it's perception of itself within the Community then an actual loss to the Agency in terms of a PR person.  

Peggy Callahan
Went from $71,000 in 2011 to $51,000 in 2012. 
 From HR Lead Investigator to Compensation Analyst

I'm not aware of the circumstances which led to her leaving Trimet like who's decision it was.  There aren't enough words to describe her very deliberate personal attacks against me.  Vicious acts intended to destroy me.  I wonder if acting out as she did in her position with Trimet made her feel better about herself?!!  But that's what Bully's do. She told us she was taking orders, she did so willingly. "Now Ellen, now Ellen, now you know better than that, now Ellen!"


Mildred, hold the door open for those damn fools before they all end up hurting themselves!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014


An experience I had during a discussion on Facebook about ATU President Bruce Hansen. 

During the snow storm, Lynette Jones, a Center Street Operator and Spotter Bob Cummings, her significant other (red headed guy w/ beard, verbally violent) were making their way around different social media and Blogging sites accusing ATU President Bruce Hansen of inappropriate behavior. No facts or anything to back up their claims, just blatant attacks against his character. They accused him of pulling stuck buses out with his truck, working out of his category FOR Trimet. QUESTIONING HIS ALLEGIANCE TO UNION MEMBERS. But what's true is that Bruce was just being Bruce. He and his family brought drinks and food for Operators who were stuck in Buses for hours and gave them rides to the restroom. You didn't see McFarlane or his gang out there helping his employees, did ya?!!! That would've been a good opportunity for him to try and make nice to us like he promised the Secretary of State.  Oh well...  Even Bob and Lynette could've spent their time helping workers stuck in buses...  instead of bitching about the one's who did!

Click images for zoom

From Lynette's Facebook.  Her Facebook is hers to do with as she wants but when she published ATU information on it, knowing that info wasn't true, it then became open for discussion from friends / Union members. We have the right to respond. If she didn't like the responses she shouldn't have posted anything unless it was factual! Bob and I have a long history. Based on my experience he hears what he wants then changes things around to meet his current agenda. In this case it appears he hasn't 'gotten it' yet that the election for Union President is over! We elected the best man for the job!  He doesn't like it. He and Lynette wanted the other guy. Consequentially they're trying to make it hell for the Union and members by putting out a very public barrage of slanderous and unsubstantiated attacks. It's like they're lying in wait for him to screw up so they can rush in, destroy his reputation, report him to International and waa laaa their guy automatically get's put in office. NOT HARDLY!

What was cool about the whole thing was seeing how many members spoke up for Bruce! Members who actually know him, who've had actual experiences and conversations with him. He's smart, honest, sincere, highly respected and puts members rights ahead of everything. 

First RED ARROW, Cummings says to call the Union office for verification. Is he suggesting the office workers 'FOLLOWED' Bruce in their cars's (???) so they could have first hand witness information?!!

These were all posted on Union Brothers and Sisters Facebook, her FB then on to Margulies' Rantings Blog. Second RED ARROW, bottom of page, my comment. Lynette removed it. Both attacked me through name calling. She defriended and both blocked me. Why? Because they wanted, in the name of UNIONISM and SOLIDARITY,  to control the information. They wanted to make sure their side and ONLY their side was heard. One of the other commenters mentioned possible motive so I joined the discussion. He's always bragged about his association with Ron Heintzman and Jon Hunt. According to him, he's gone as far as using those relationships to threaten other Union members and his Trimet Supervisors. I don't know if any of what he says is true but I do know he's received SPECIAL treatment under both administrations.  Could be the reason for his beef with Bruce. Perhaps Cummings isn't receiving SPECIAL anymore, but EQUAL. But then one never knows as Hunt's still in office.  

A screenshot they sent to Al Margulies Ranting's Blog,  
Doing more damage to Hansen, but on a larger more public scale outside of the Trimet community of Union Workers.  

The older I get the less tolerant I am with certain behaviors in the workplace. Like Union members who purposely create and spread lies/rumors about co-workers or the Union President or Union politics WITHOUT fact checking or speaking to the person in question. I have a problem with Union members who rely solely on the gossips for their information. I've been on the receiving end myself so am more willing then others to speak out. 

There's ATU on Facebook where members can discuss whatever.  There's ATU Activists and Transit Voice which keeps us and others informed. There's another ATU only FB owned by a Street Car employee, plus there's a phone number and always a person if not Bruce himself at the other end of the line.  

REGARDLESS of what Lynette and Bob are saying they have First Amendment rights, just as I have. But the thing is, if someone slanders you, you can sue them. Ron Heintzman did it when he was in office. A couple of members kept making accusations so he sued them. Since the Lane Jensen debacle, Oregon has started enforcing Cyber Bully laws. If you use slander and name calling on the internet you can expect prison time for Cyber Bullying and a Civil suit for slander.   

From Union Brothers and Sisters Facebook.

My comment is directly under Lynette's daughter's, who's comment was directly under, 

"lynette, you know you can hide all these people right?"

My comment was directly under the red arrow. She removed my comment and her daughters.

Lol, here it is - comment made, comment removed and she still denies it.  It's like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

In the name of Unionism and Solidarity, members are blocking each other from Union specific sites, from receiving equal knowledge and benefit.  In the name of Unionism and Solidarity, members are running to management daily writing each other up.Tom Horton is a good example. He was running for Union President at the same time he blocked numerous Union Brothers and Sisters from reading about his campaign promises and vision. Still to this day he has us blocked. John Olsen and Chris Day. They were active in Union politics, going to meetings regularly. Day was the Extra-Board Liaison for awhile. Day was running for Union President during the same time he was going around getting petitions signed to have me blackballed from ATU. They were also busy reporting Operators to dispatch and writing me up over 13 times. Bob Cummings  and Lynette Jones. Hiding behind Unionism and Solidarity to do harm to our President and those members who speak out about it. Jeff Ackerson, Executive Board member, Merlo Garage still has members blocked from the Union only FB site. Gary Hernandez, Center Street Extra Board Liaison Officer has me and others blocked from the Union only FB site. Walking contradictions. Hypocrites.

No one has the right to control information. If you fall for it,  YELLOW JOURNALISM will take precedence and you'll loose the ability to think for yourself, think freely, make choices. You'll end up getting swallowed into someone else's abyss.  

(hopefully not this close) 

April 1964. Photograph by Walter Chandoha, National Geographic

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State

Dave Miller: "Is there any one area in particular that you wished you had more time for?"

Kate Brown: "The most important, Labor and Management relationship.  Labor and Management, for me that's the underlying stress that causes issues in any number of areas. Folks need to sit down and work out a relationship built on trust..."

Miller:  "How do you think the communication problem that you're talking about, how do they play out and how do they affect taxpayers and riders."

Kate Brown, "I think when you don't have a relationship between Labor and Management that's based on trust, when for example Bus Operators address concerns about safety they don't have a sense whether their concerns are being addressed or not. The other thing the audit addressed is better communication and we have made a number of recommendations about how Trimet management could better communicate with front line workers, with the Bus Operators."


There are many issues besides safety but the problem seems to be what happens when a worker attempts to go through the process for a solution. If you go up the chain of command you'll be met with an attitude that you should be seen and not heard.  If a front line worker remains invisible the chances of surviving Trimet are a hundred times greater then if you start calling things to their attention like safety, mechanical issues as they relate to safety, schedules, restroom breaks, health issues created by the job, low moral, etc.  Another big problem many of us face are Assistant Managers who've never operated a Bus but have been given the power to affect our careers.  They don't understand the nature of our job or what we go through during the course of a day.  

The Secretary of State recommended that front line employees, Operators sit down with their managers and communicate.  The attitude I see coming from Center Street management is 'us against them' unless you're a personal buddy.  There exists a serious hatred by Trimet management against Union workers in general including their own Bus Operators.  The threat of retaliation from one of them is always there like a snake curled up in a corner waiting to strike. 

Kate Brown, "Folks need to sit down and work out a relationship built on trust...,"



Evelyn Warren
Center Street Manager
$82,141.71 per 2012 W2

Here's an example of an effort made by me to communicate with my manager, but in the end it kept us further apart and did nothing more than reinforce the hostile environment I work in.

Last Tuesday January 28th, my Union Rep and I met with Ms. Warren for a Step II hearing on a Grievance I filed asking that a WARNING  be removed from my file.  I was yet again blindsided into a mandatory meeting. Wasn't told what I was accused of until we met. Two accusations, neither of which were investigated. My time (pay) slip for the 2 1/2 hr meeting was destroyed. In it's place I was given time-loss. It's on-going retaliation.

I asked if we could agree the warning was untruthful and uninvestigated. If so, would she be willing to throw it out and allow us the time allotted to discuss why a continuous stream of similar accusations, time-slips thrown out, etc were coming at me. She had information about all of the events as she played a role in them. I have an exchange of documents for acts of retaliation against me and her name is on them. I wanted to talk with her, wanted to find out what was going on, see if we, as adults in a professional work relationship could just sit here and communicate with each other, attempt to resolve whatever the problem was. I asked if there were a specific problems with me either professionally or otherwise because , "I am sitting right here in front of you and we could discuss it as adults, clear the air." 

 She said if we didn't discuss the grievance and just the grievance only she would kill it permanently. She can't do that, but immediately came out of the gate showing us her power! She INVALIDATED ME and DENIED EVERYTHING. She refused to speak about anything other then the grievance.  While we were talking she appeared to gradually change as though she were not in her body. It was as though she wasn't present but reading from a prepared script.  She became very angry, and robotic. Repeating herself. Callahan-ish. That's how I perceived her except Callahan lacked emotion.  

She pulled RANK

One thing led to another, she refused to communicate.  Then threatened me with INSUBORDINATION.  

I offered to shake hands when we left because as far as I was concerned it was done and over with. That didn't go over too well.  lol This was supposed to be a professional conversation with my Manager but the only professionals in the room were Sandra and I. 

Now we'll see what McFarlane does to restore trust.